Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the one-day challenge

Do you like to work by yourself?

I used to. I found it peaceful and satisfying; I felt it gave me the chance to make something really nice, really complete, before sharing it with someone else.

It had a downside, though. For one thing, sometimes I was barking up the wrong tree. For another, I was missing the contributions that others could make. Probably the worst part was receiving negative or constructive feedback at the end, when I would generally be inclined to defend myself.

My husband is a big proponent of artistic collaboration, and it's been a struggle for me to learn to do it. In the context of innovation and experimentation, however, I can see how important it is.

So two months ago, I gave myself the one-day challenge: to never work on anything for more than one day without sharing it and getting feedback from someone else.

The results have been powerful so far. My projects have gone smoothly, and I've learned to take feedback as a key part of good creation, rather than any kind of criticism. I've felt accompanied in my work, and been able to share the results with others in a way that has brought us closer.

Now, it's hard to imagine working any other way.

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